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LANDSCAPE Lightroom Presets

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Enhance your outdoor photography with our Landscape Lightroom Presets. Crafted for professional photographers seeking vivid and stunning landscapes, these presets bring out the vibrant essence of nature. From majestic mountains to lush forests, these presets emphasize the natural beauty of outdoor scenes. Elevate your hiking and nature shots effortlessly with these editing presets, designed to bring your photos to life. Compatible with both mobile and desktop editing, these presets are a must-have for photographers looking to capture the breathtaking allure of the great outdoors.

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Transform your Instagram account and edit photos like a Pro just by one click!

Lightroom Desktop & Mobile LANDSCAPE Preset in 20 different variations

You will receive:
✔️ Lifetime access
✔️ Instant download
✔️ Lightroom Desktop Presets (20 XMP files and 20 LRTEMPLATE files (for different Lightroom versions) for desktop only)
✔️ Lightroom Mobile Presets (20 photo editing DNG files)
✔️ Step-by-step text guide
✔️ Video instructions

Can’t decide what preset to buy? Text me a message and I can do a FREE test edit for your photo using 3 presets you have chosen to help you decide!

How to install Lightroom presets you can see in my included instructions.

You need Lightroom App on your Mobile/Desktop devices.

Based on your camera settings, lighting conditions, white balance settings, dominant colors etc., you may need to slightly adjust the settings of the presets to make your photos look perfect.
It is for this reason the different variations of Landscape preset were created to make sure that you can get the desired results for different settings of your original photos by one click!

If the filter makes your photos too dark or too light, adjusting the exposure and/or contrast should fix this. The result depends on the lighting of your original photos.

Due to the nature of digital downloads no exchanges or refunds will be made.
Make sure you read all product information carefully before making a purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to help you!

Please follow me on Instagram @iuliiapresets to see the presets in action. Tag me with @iuliiapresets when you post your photos using my presets! I would be happy to see them!

Stay In Touch:
Instagram: @iuliiapresets
Email: support [a]

Important: There is no refund/exchange/cancellation for the purchases with digital items!
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69 reviews for LANDSCAPE Lightroom Presets

  1. Sherry Kearns

    Awesome seller. Very happy

  2. Julianne Mahoney

    Amazing quality! My photos look so good

  3. kristin

  4. jc

  5. Michelle

  6. Marie

  7. Maria Nesvig

  8. Nicki

    I LOVE these presets. I bought a few different presets as I was revamping my company’s Instagram feed (@explorerchickadventureco). I use these presets exclusively – and they were less expensive than the others I purchased.
    My business is a women’s adventure travel tour operator, so all of our pictures are outdoor oriented in a wide range of sceneries – forests, beach, deserts, etc.
    There is a preset for all! LOVE THESE!

    Image #1 from Nicki
  9. Kayla

    Easy to install! Love how the presets look on my photos

  10. Maura Reynolds

    I love these presets! They are great for editing professional business pictures that I don’t want to look overly edited. These presets really enhance the natural color without making them look fake. They are exactly what I was looking for. Super easy to install and use!

  11. Kady Franklin

  12. Anette

    Absolutely love these for my outdoor yoga photo’s! I bought a few different preset packs and now I have everything I need for all my pictures. I made a mistake when ordering, and customer service was absolutely outstanding! I would recommend this to anyone.

    Image #1 from Anette
  13. Jennifer Forrester

  14. Preston

  15. Jolene

  16. A. Magic

    Having a lot of fun playing around with these preset!

    Image #1 from A. Magic
  17. Alysha Hastings

    I recently bought a bunch of presets to edit my travel photos. I was very surprised that I ended up using these presets for all of my photos. They are so natural and it takes simple edits to make each photo exactly the way you want it.

  18. Kerri Arm

    Worked out great for our trip to CO photos

  19. Katie

  20. Jessica Marcum

  21. brittkirkham

  22. Jessica

  23. Courtney Faber-Gillespie

    Fast and easy to install

  24. Katie

    Lovely presets 🙂 thank you!

  25. Jordan

    Great presets, exactly what I was expecting.

  26. SanZ

    These presets are so beautiful. The shop owner was so helpful when I had an issue. She was great to work with.

    Image #1 from SanZ
  27. Shawna

  28. Heidi

    Easy to install and nice presets!

  29. Marie

  30. Marie

  31. Brittany

    There’s a lot of preset options! Makes it versatile for any photo you want to edit.

  32. Flavio

    Really cheap but smart presets. I like them

  33. Kaila Mettler

  34. laurenblack22

  35. Emma

    This is my number 1 filter. We are always traveling and taking a bunch of photos for our Instagram – and this filter makes everything SO much better!! Visit our IGpage for more pictures with this filter; @ uswanderbugs

    Image #1 from Emma
  36. Emma

  37. Natalya

    Really like these presets but it’s hard to tell which one does what because the cover picture for each preset looks the same. Otherwise these are a great addition to Lightroom

  38. Lauren

  39. Vintage Nerd

    Just lovely. Easy instructions as well. Thank you.

  40. Jacob

  41. Viktorie

    It’s so good for photos from mountains.

  42. oliviawilt

  43. Jamie-Lee

  44. Abigail Hines

  45. Kim Marko

  46. Caitlyn

    This is exactly what I wanted! Easy to use and pretty effects on pictures!

  47. Jill Eldred

  48. Chloe

    Gorgeous! Love how these enhance my travel photos to appear closer to the real thing!

  49. Sara

  50. Shelby

  51. Roni

  52. Sabrina Janine

  53. Shelby

  54. ashley

  55. Savanna

    Great extensive collection of easy to download presets. They really made my landscape photos pop!

    Image #1 from Savanna
  56. Kenzi

  57. Jordan

    Great use for outdoor shots!

  58. Alisa (verified owner)

    Met the expectations, love them! Looking forward to use them for my photos 🙂

  59. Carina (verified owner)

    Great Preset, perfect for my travel pictures

  60. Angie (verified owner)

    Enjoying my new presets for landscape photography. Thank you.

  61. amanda (verified owner)

    These are great presets, Thank you!

  62. Ingrid (verified owner)

  63. Anika (verified owner)

    Nothing to say, what you see is what you get

  64. Brittany (verified owner)

  65. Gabby (verified owner)

  66. Patti (verified owner)

  67. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Easy to use and beautiful on my photos!

  68. Ebba (verified owner)

  69. Alanna (verified owner)

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