Portrait art pictures have always been one of the most popular types of images used for decoration. But in the modern world, pompous ceremonial portraits made in oil on canvas are no longer relevant. The trend is stylized portraits, conventional, undetailed, conveying mood and emotions rather than specific facial features. That is why such portrait prints can be easily printed and placed on the wall – they will be appropriate even in the most modern design.

How to choose a portrait for the wall


Since all such pictures for printing on the wall are stylized, there is no point in looking for portrait similarities in them. It is rather a symbol of a portrait, personality. Here you can choose as a general picture – by the color of the background, by the style, by the correspondence to the general mood of the room. You can choose wall art portraits according to the actual style of the image – for example, hang a portrait on your wall, made with one black line on a white background.

You can also combine the portrait with other types of painting – with a still life or depictions of animals, for example, cats.

The print portrait pictures look very beautiful in a diptych or triptych, both in combination with another genre, and in pairs – the same image, but from a different angle.

How to print a portrait on the wall


You can easily buy portrait prints online. In order to decorate your wall with an original portrait drawing, it is enough to take just a few steps:

  • Choose a printable portrait or several on the site;
  • Order and pay for it using the current promotional offer;
  • Get a pdf file with a link to an image in high resolution;
  • Choose the material on which the portrait will be printed – it can be paper of various textures or qualities, or canvas;
  • Optionally, frame and hang on the wall.

Now the wall decor is modern and stylish, completely in the spirit of the most modern trends. If desired, then the portrait can be reprinted in a different capacity – after all, experiments are also in the spirit of our time.

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