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In addition to beautiful drawings and stylish photos, the tendency to decorate pages with stylish inscriptions, which are certainly made in handwritten font, is gaining popularity on Instagram. This is not only an opportunity to highlight your page from a million others, but also to convey your thoughts, feelings, and events with a beautiful image. In order to make your Instagram cover with text really stylish and beautiful, choose it from the collections offered by Iuliia Store. Here, every letter, every symbol is so interesting that your account will not go unnoticed, and your message will certainly be understood.

What are the Instagram highlight covers with text

The Instagram story highlight icon covers text is a short inscription made in one font, on a plain background or with a light drawing stylized as a watercolor. Choose one of the options:

  • Black text on a white or pastel background, made with thin graceful lines;
  • Golden watercolor lines on a black or pastel background, done in several different fonts;
  • The inscriptions, made on a pastel background with a light, barely noticeable pattern, are stylish and unusual.

Choose an icon from 11 collections offered by Iuliia Store. The inscriptions can be placed independently or in a circle in the background, and the words can convey emotions or intentions.

How to download Instagram highlight covers with text

In order to download covers with text content, no additional programs or skills are required. By purchasing a collection of images, you will receive a link to Dropbox, from which you can immediately download 60 icons of various textual content. Give the Instagram profile a makeover with these beautiful icon covers for your stories. Do it as often as you want, with just one click to change from one picture to another.

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