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Botanical wall art


    Flower images are probably one of the most ancient types of decor. There are many different varieties of plants in the world, each of which is beautiful in its own way. If you haven’t chosen yet what to decorate your walls with, why not try printing botanical wall art for them? It will be not only stylish, but also modern – now there is a lot of talk not only about species diversity, but also about the need to preserve it. So botanics in the interior is really current now – keep it in mind.

    What types of wall decor to choose


    The topic of botany is good not only for its diversity – it is always relevant. Flowers have always been the best decoration for rooms, and if it is not always possible to put fresh flowers in a vase or grow them in pots, then printing out art prints botanical is the easiest way out:

    • A single image of a flower or decorative leaf in large format will look simply gorgeous;
    • A diptych of images that are similar or, on the contrary, opposite in meaning, will bring new meanings and new notes to the room;
    • The triptych is the most popular variation, which can be located either on the same level or on different levels, with a ladder, and create real scenes, even if the flower is depicted in just one line.

    Choose your version of botanical prints wall art – it is perfect for any room decorated in any style. You can find your flower for classic and modern, for design in the loft style and in delicate provence. And even you can make your own style with chosen wall art botanical prints.

    How to print wall decor


    Having made an order for the selected botanical wall art set, you will receive several high-resolution files at once in order to print a high-quality original motive. You can print on paper of various qualities and on canvas.

    Then, if desired, the botanical wall art decor can be framed – such a decoration will give a special charm to the room.

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