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If you advertise food or goods on your Instagram page, you need not just good, but great photos. After all, the purpose of each such picture is not just to attract the attention of potential buyers, but also to show the best that is in the product. It’s not enough just to choose a background for this – any shadow or incorrect location can ruin even a good post, and, consequently, the impression of subscribers from the product. How can you avoid this? This problem has a ready-made solution, collections of lightroom presets for food and products.

Best presets for food photography

Photographing food requires special skill. It is necessary not only to show the dish from the advantageous side, but also to highlight it correctly in order to emphasize the best aspects in it. If the surrounding background is able to highlight the atmosphere of the food, then it is the presets that can indicate its character and mood. Research by scientists confirms that some shades can increase appetite. Why not highlight your dishes with these shades? It is the food presets that will help to convey even the aroma and taste of the dish through the photo. Try to apply them in your account – these photos will make it stylish and professional.

Product photography lightroom presets

The purpose of promotional photography for products is to improve their sales. In order to do this by just adding a photo to a post, you need to make it perfect. This means to emphasize his dignity as much as possible, to highlight him with emotions, to create his positive image. If necessary, hide flaws.

The best way to achieve this result is to select and install lightroom product photography presets, especially delicate items such as jewelry.

How to install presets

Not only can they be used in one click – their installation and connection will also not take much time. In addition, each collection, in addition to files for desktop and mobile, is accompanied by very detailed and precise instructions. With its help, the first setting of presets will be quick and easy. And now there is only one click left to your perfect photo with food or product.


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