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The Instagram cover is the first thing visitors see. Therefore, every blogger pays enough attention to making it attractive and unusual. Modern trends recommend using original motifs that will help make the page memorable. For example, you can use hand-drawn pictures in icons. They are very simple – just a few lines, but it is behind such lines that there is a deep professionalism and level of skill. Arrange your own story and choose hand drawn instagram highlight covers in the Iuliia Store. Here you will be offered collections of such images right away.

What are the hand drawn Instagram highlight covers

Such hand drawn instagram icons are small images on a plain background, made with one or more lines, of the same or different colors. Choose a collection to your taste, in accordance with the general style of the account:

  • The most popular are golden or silver images on a black background, which look very stylish;
  • Multi-colored watercolor icons on a white background allow you to convey the whole gamut of emotions in just one symbol;
  • The combination of a single line drawing and a color spot on a white background will make your account stand out from thousands of others, making it noticeable;
    Pastel drawings on the same background allow you to add a sea of ​​tenderness to the page.

Choose at Iuliia Store from 16 collections at once, choosing exactly the style of images that best suits your image.

How to download hand drawn Instagram highlight covers

In order to download the entire collection – you have to do just a few steps. By paying for the purchase of hand-drawn Instagram covers, you will receive a link to a file from which you can immediately save as many as 146 images for your account, made in the same style. Install them on your desktop and change icons in one click.

If you are going to order your favorite collection, be sure to check what promotions are currently available on the site. You may be able to get some of the icons for free or at a big discount. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab a set of 146 ready-to-use hand-drawn sets of white and rose gold (floral, botanical and text accents) Instagram Story Highlight icons from Iuliia Store.

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