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Delicate pink or sophisticated rose gold – those colors that may be so lacking in cloudy autumn. But you can add them to your photo using a pink lightroom preset? Make your Instagram account more romantic, add tenderness and grace to it – your blog style will be noticeable among others.

When pink is appropriate

Of course, not all photos are worth submitting through a pink preset filter. But there are some cases when just such presets will help add those notes to a blog post that can make it stand out:
  • Selfie in a romantic setting;
  • Bouquets of flowers in a modern design;
  • Candles and a table set for a romantic dinner;
  • Jewelry;
  • Cute animals and stuffed toys.
All of these plots are quite sophisticated, and it would be quite appropriate to shade them with pink. This will not make them bright and flashy – the lightroom preset rose gives only a slightly noticeable shade and nuance.

Where to use the collection better

There are some account types where using the pink presets collection will help create a unique look. In particular, if your goal is to sell flowers and bouquets, a photo in rose will help show the best aspects of your work. On a blog selling jewelry, especially handmade jewelry, the use of rose gold preset lightroom can highlight the exclusive nature of the work and its mood. The personal blog of a romantic girl will allow you to create a line of images to convey your own mood. And it’s simple – if you like pink, try to improve your own photo – show yourself from the best, rose side.

How to install pink presets

It is very simple to use them – the photo is transformed literally in one click. To do this, it is enough to go through just a few steps:
  • Choose and purchase a collection of pink tone lightroom preset;
  • Get 20 files for permanent use for desktop and mobile versions;
  • To get acquainted with the video instruction on the features of using the collection;
  • Perform the first setup of your smartphone and camera.
Now you are ready to take beautiful and stylish photos in pink colors. After all, romance and tenderness are always in fashion.
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