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For a long time, the image of the heart has remained one of the most romantic symbols. Decorate your Instagram account with a stylized heart to emphasize your own sensuality and love. Moreover, Iuliia Store has a very large selection of icons with very beautiful hearts, hand-drawn in a minimalistic style. After all, sometimes just one line is enough to create a masterpiece or share it with your subscribers.

Beautiful, stylish hearts will be a great addition to the page, and not only for themed holidays. And you can install the best heart icons for instagram as easy as it can be.

What are the heart Instagram highlight covers

Each instagram highlight icon heart is a stylized image of a heart on a plain background or with a light stylish pattern. In each collection – images made in the same style, which can be changed according to mood or schedule. There are plenty of heart highlight cover to choose from here:

  • Beige hearts on a white background – they can be in a circle and without it, filled with color or made in one line;
  • Black hearts on a white background – the most stylish black and white images, in a circle or on a watercolor background;
  • Black hearts on a pink background – an original version for a page designed in pink style;
  • Gold or silver hearts on a black background are a very stylish page design option that will not go unnoticed.

Now such minimalism in decor is in vogue, so such a pattern will be appropriate on pages devoted to a variety of topics. It is enough just to choose exactly the option that will be closest.

In order to choose the right collection, you should rely on several factors at once. Of course, the first one is your favorite color. After all, if we are talking about icons with hearts, then you need to start with love. Then, of course, you need to take into account the main color scheme and style of the page. Minimalist images are great for many themes, but it’s still worth choosing colors that are close to the main theme. As a contrast, if desired, use the design of hearts on a black background, it looks quite original – and will certainly be appreciated. But for pages dedicated to beauty and nature, pastel colors of the background and the use of watercolors will be appropriate.

How to download heart Instagram highlight covers

The great thing about these drawings is that they are very easy to work with. If you want to decorate your photos with such a stylish heart, you only have to follow a few steps:

  • Go to the Iuliia Store website and choose your favorite collection of stylish hearts;
  • Check which promotions are currently relevant and what you can get for free;
  • After paying for the order, get a link and download 44 images made in the same style to your computer at once;
  • Now install and change icons in your account in just one click.

Make your account trendy and recognizable with stylish heart images. It’s so simple – and at the same time so original and unusual. Each collection is hand-drawn and put together with love so that you can share your feelings with your followers.

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