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    Decorating your walls with a pretty picture is always a good idea. And if one picture is not enough and you want two? It remains to choose a diptych – and hang two at once. Artists have long come to the method of creating two pictures that create a single whole, and such sets are very popular. But a diptych of two large oil paintings cannot be hung everywhere, and it is expensive. But the printed quality work of a good master – with pleasure. Plus, it’s really simple. Printed artwork as a set of two wall art is one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to personalize and fashion your space. Just download, print and create a frame!

    Why is it worth printing a diptych for the wall?

    It is a wall art set of two paintings that is able to more deeply convey the author’s intention, because in this way you can create a real story cycle. Most often, two pictures are combined into a single set according to the following principle:

    • The second picture is a logical continuation of the first, with the same lines and objects;
    • The pictures are opposite in meaning – the sun and the moon, two parts of a bikini, a drawing and an inscription;
    • The second picture is not a continuation of the first, but complements it, for example, depicting an object from a different angle, such as the image of red lips on a stylized face;
    • Both paintings depict similar subjects – and can be rearranged.

    Typically, a diptych can help create a mood throughout the room when well matched to the setting. 

    Wall decor of a two piece wall art set is the easiest way to freshen up an interior, no matter which room you want to hang new paintings in. You can constantly update your environment by printing new plots – according to the seasons, for the holidays, according to your mood. Two picture wall art have no time limits for use – select sizes and textures until you get the perfect one.

    How to prepare a diptych for printing

    In the modern world, everything is much simpler, and there is no need to order a good plot from an artist. You are only a few steps away from the beautiful art print set of 2 on your wall:

    • Choose a prints set of 2 that suits your mood and buy it;
    • After purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to download all files. The list includes high resolution, 300 dpi JPEG image files. If you are using graphics for printing, please be aware that final printing colors may vary slightly due to different color monitor settings;
    • Get permanent access to 10 high-resolution, 300dpi JPG files for crisp, clean prints;

    Now at any time you can print as many beautiful sets of two pictures – different sizes, on different textures.

    Decorating your walls with 2 piece wall art prints is simple and convenient. And the result will delight you for a long time.

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