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Line art


    One of the trends in modern design is drawing with one line. The paintings are stylish and unusual, this minimalism is very modern and makes a strong impression. In order to get an excellent picture in the style of one line wall art, only two components are enough, which should be perfectly combined with each other – the background of the picture and the line itself, which the plot is made with. Sometimes a designer adds one or more striking details to create a complete look. Now – all that remains is to print and the excellent line art prints for the wall are ready.

    Where will line art be relevant?


    The main feature of such a line art wall decor is its minimalism and curved lines. It will look great in a room with straight clear lines – even geometrically correct furniture, straight shapes. Wavy lines will add variety and make the room less boring.

    In addition, a picture in minimalist line wall art can be hung as part of a diptych or triptych – it is perfectly combined with other styles:

    • Two or three line art paintings will be a good accent for a monotonous room;
    • A large painting in the same tone with a thin line will balance the colorful and bright interior;
    • Will create harmony with a printed quote or drawing in pastel colors;
    • The most popular option – a black line on a white background – is ideal for light colored walls.

    Printable line art allows you to diversify the interior, while remaining within the framework of minimalism and monotony, adding a bright spot that will not get out of the general mood of the room. This is a delicate and refined art that will only emphasize the character of the inhabitants of the room.

    How to choose line art for walls


    In order for the line wall art picture to really decorate the room, it is worth taking into account several rather important factors:

    • The background of the painting should either match the decor of the walls, or be a counterweight to it;
    • Placement should be in harmony with the rest of the paintings hung in the room;
    • If you want to place two or three paintings and include simple line wall art in them – prefer a diptych or triptych collected by designers, this is already an excellent selection of colors and lines;
    • Do not try to hang as much as possible – there may be too many pictures with lines on one wall;
    • A line art painting requires attention – do not try to hang it in a row with other images that do not correspond to it.

    Like any work of art, line art pictures requires attention to itself and does not like noisy neighborhoods in the form of bright posters or advertising posters.

    How to print line art for walls?

    If you have already decided what exactly will decorate your wall in the near future, you can place an order for art prints online. After it is paid, you will receive a link in pdf format to five high-resolution jpg pictures at once. This guarantees high quality images even if you choose to print them in the largest format available. In addition, this format makes it possible to edit not only the actual size of the picture that will be printed, but also the aspect ratio, which must also correspond to the interior.

    A nice moment – everything is made out online, the received files remain with the buyer forever, and you can print line art for the walls an unlimited number of times, experimenting with sizes and textures.

    It is worth considering several important points – before printing a single line art print on the selected material, it is worth seeing how it will look in the finished version. Some shades may differ from how you saw it on your screen or monitor. It should be borne in mind that each device has its own color rendering characteristics. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the printed version may differ in some shade from what you saw on the screen when choosing a picture. However, most often such differences are invisible to the eye.

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