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Very often a combination of three picture wall art united by a common plot can be seen on the walls as a decor. This is a triptych that has been quite popular among artists for many centuries. Modern masters also keep up with and often combine several works into a single complex. It is stylish, beautiful and allows for a single but key point of decor. In order to decorate your own walls with such a print, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive paintings by famous masters. But to choose and buy a printable 3 picture wall art is available to everyone.

How the sets are selected


Choosing three prints wall art for your own wall, you can see that usually craftsmen use several basic principles when creating them:

  • All three paintings represent the development of one plot, they are different, but united by one line, such a set can be chosen to suit the mood;
  • Each of the subsequent paintings is a continuation of the previous one, thus creating a single image – here, by the way, the gaps between the paintings are very symbolic, so you should not hang them close to the wall, in fact, the distance between them is part of the plot;
  • Pictures can represent the same object, depicted from different angles, thus creating the illusion of a multidimensional image;
  • The third picture from the set can be a combination of the two previous ones – by color, by image, by mood.

Choose a 3 piece wall art prints according to your own taste, taking into account the features of the interior, your mood and the emotions that you want to convey by decorating the walls.

How to hang a triptych


Hanging set of 3 prints wall art, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • Most often, all three pictures should be printed in the same size and aspect ratio;
  • When hanging them on the wall, it is imperative to observe the distance between them, which should be the same;
  • All three paintings are part of the same idea, so they should be printed on the same material – both in texture and in density;
  • The design of each of the three paintings must also match – if there are frames, they must be the same.

Thus, the triptych will most fully convey the idea of its creator.

How to print a set of three pictures


First of all, of course, choose the most suitable 3 picture set wall art and buy it. After purchase, you will receive a PDF with a link to download all files. The list includes high resolution, 300 dpi JPEG image files. If you are using graphics for printing, please be aware that final printing colors may vary slightly due to different color monitor settings.

Each set of 3 printable wall art purchased will include 5 files per set in high resolution, 300dpi JPG format for crisp, clean prints.

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