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Wall décor should usually not only match the overall design of the room, but also express the mood and lifestyle of those who live in it. But sometimes you can afford to try on other roles? After all, this does not require much. For example, decorate your walls by printing boho wall art.

What is boho style about?


Once this style meant Bohemia – a nomadic lifestyle of gypsies, a mixture of different peoples and traditions. From this cauldron of cultures, an understanding of bohemia grew as an association of people of art – without rules and strict principles. Now it is rather eclectic – natural tones, abstract images, thin lines, hints of a plot. The abstract boho art is beautiful, modern, independent – and at the same time dim, quiet, subtle. Wall art boho style – paintings with an abstract or unfinished plot, thin lines, in which the drawing is only guessed.

How to print wall art


It’s really simple – just choose the design of the boho art print that is closest. Perhaps it will be a diptych or a triptych – the most relevant form of expressing style today through a combination of two or three images at once per subject. There are only a few steps left to get printable boho wall art:

  • Pay for the ordered drawing;
  • Receive your order of printable boho art in pdf format, which will contain a link to the archive directly with the image in high resolution;
  • In order for you to get a guaranteed high-quality drawing, there will be five files in jpg format at once;
  • It only remains to choose the required size, the material on which the motive will be printed;
  • Now – printing and framing at will. The wall decor is ready.

When choosing a picture for boho decor wall art, it should be borne in mind that some shades after printing may look different – each screen has its own color rendering characteristics.

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