Use LUTs in Lightroom

For those who first encounter the Lightroom application from Adobe, everything may seem complicated and incomprehensible. However, in fact, everything has been done here in order to simplify the life of bloggers as much as possible and give them the opportunity to professionally correct photos in one click. After all, not everyone has the time and opportunity to understand the complex settings of professional photographic equipment, and good photos are a sign of a high-quality account. And just sharing with friends is much more enjoyable when every shot is made well. For this, many functions have been proposed, in particular – LUTS photoshop.

What is LUTs

LUT is short for Color Look Up Table and allows you to remap colors from your camera. Thus, if you use Lightroom, you can easily edit any image and make it perform in the style that seems most appropriate to you. If you want really high-quality images that can be uploaded to your Instagram profile in one click, you can order ready-made LUTs.

Each LUTS contains optimally selected settings so that you do not have to select them anew each time in order to get the same effect. This allows you to create entire collections of settings in order to create photos in a certain style, while each image is high quality, no matter what the weather conditions were at the time of shooting.

What is a LUT in video – the same option with colors order. You can use it even when editing your stories – you’ll receive the same effect.

How to use LUT

Now, if you want to know how to use lut, in order to give your pictures a special look or a cinematic effect, it only takes a few steps:

  • Upload an image to edit in Lightroom;Then open the “Development” tab;
  • Click the Profile Browser button, which will display the ordered and loaded profiles in the application;
  • To apply the LUT, simply click any preferred option;
  • Now you can adjust the transparency by selecting the desired value on the slider;That’s it, the perfect frame for the color scheme is ready.

Yes, everything is really that simple – all the main important adjustments have already been made for you – color, shadows, tones, white balance, contrast and other settings that create the very desired effect. Now you can add the perfect photo to your account, as if taken on professional equipment. And for this you do not need anything except the most ordinary smartphone and LUTS in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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