2.What Are the Most Popular Presets

Best presets for Lightroom are becoming more and more popular as the easiest way to get great photos to share on Instagram with your followers. Or create for yourself a whole thematic collection, stylish and delightful. Each collection of photography presets presented in the Iuliia Store is amazing in its own way. But there are top presets 10 that are especially popular.

Portrait Pro Collection

These presets are designed to remove all the imperfections on the face, emphasize its dignity and bring the quality of the selfie frame closer to photos taken in a professional studio. It is this collection that will help to turn selfies, which are usually so many, into a masterpiece that will make it stand out from the rest.

Collection of presets for children photo

The best preset of filters allows you to add all the necessary shades and nuances to make your photos of children look just magical and convey all the mass of emotions that you have planned. An excellent palette of tones, excellent contrast and detail will help to convey the full depth of childish immediacy.

Presets for wedding photos

A wedding celebration should be unique – bright and unforgettable, and photographs should fully convey these emotions. Make each frame bright and solemn, filled with feelings – regardless of where the photo was taken and under what lighting conditions.

Majestic landscape.

This collection contains the best Lightroom presets to best display your outdoor photos. Here it is very difficult to set the light and find the contrast – but it is these live photos that can become the best in the collection. Presets will help improve shots taken in bad weather. With these filters, you can make your photo vibrant and visually appealing. So, the configurations are optimized for different seasons. Finally, you can enhance nature photos with different seasonal color schemes.

City ​​landscape.

It is very difficult to take really good photos in the bustle of the city – there are a lot of extraneous factors, flare, contrasting colors and other defects. A collection of presets for shooting urban landscapes will help to correct all the flaws in photos and emphasize the dignity of facades and other elements of the urban landscape.

Dark moody presets.

This collection of Is presets will satisfy all your photo editing needs. Dark tones, shadows, accents – with their help you can convey so many feelings that no bright frame can handle. Sometimes dark tones can actually make a photo feel warmer and more sensual. Of course, if you use the right collection of presets. You can make your pictures dramatic – and mysterious, languid – and magical. Create your own fairy tale – who said fairies have to be transparent? Focus on the face – such presets can emphasize facial features, making them more interesting.

Honeymoon presets.

These are probably the best Adobe Lightroom presets for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere in your shots. Honeymoon is always associated with romance and warm relationships. Emphasize its brightness and tenderness, create your own collection of romantic adventures in red or yellow. In the end – this is your fairy tale, come up with your own design for it, and let it be perfect, like your honeymoon.

Film presets.

These Lightroom presets will give your photo an extraordinary look, using just highlights and shadows, combining them to create new images. With this collection, you can get shots like from old movies that never go out of style, and their looks are always up-to-date. You can choose different setting for the photo – from portrait to landscape, it’s your movie.

Orange and Teal presets.

This is one of the trendiest collections of Instagram presets that will make your marine photos look professional. Why such a combination of colors in the collection? One of the most common motifs and popular ideas for Instagram is the blue of the sky or the sea. And it is so important not only to separate them, but also to highlight the space surrounding them. It can be a beach or another place, and using such filters will help to correctly shift the attention of the viewers and distribute the accents in the frame.

Interior collection.

Photos in the interior can be taken in the right lighting, but merge all the details into one color spot. Using the collection for the interior will allow you to correctly distribute the contrasts and highlight the most interesting elements in the room. Deep colors, perfect blacks, contrast and exposure will give your architecture, real estate or city photos a unique look.
Tested by hundreds of users, these presets are a great way to make your photos look as good as those taken with professional equipment. Even if the picture was taken on a smartphone or iPhone.

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