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In the spring, the most popular topics for covers on Instagram are plants – flowers, branches, decor. And this is understandable – after all, this time of year is associated with flowers. Although such botanical drawings, which are in the collections of Iuliia Store, are relevant all year round. Botanical covers for Instagram made by hand in a minimalist style. At first glance, everything is very simple – just a few lines, and a delicate flower is created. But it makes me want to keep my eyes on it.

What are the botanical Instagram highlight covers

Botanical instagram highlight covers – original hand-drawn images of plants, which are that best suits your style:

  • Drawing with a black line on a pastel background – shades of green or pink;
  • Drawing with a golden or silver line on a black background, when literally one line creates a unique image;
  • The same golden or silver images, but highlighted with a circle in order to emphasize their minimalism and elegance.

There are six collections of stylish botanical images made by professional artists to choose from at Julia Store.

How to download botanical Instagram highlight covers

In order to download images, you just need to select a collection and pay for it. You will receive a link to a dropbox from which you can immediately install 40 stylish icons with plant images. Everything is so simple – install one of forty stylish drawings on your page just in one click.

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